Why STEM needs more women, The Tech Guys article

Society Needs More Women in STEM

In a March 15, 2015 post titled "Why STEM needs more women", Mark Mushiva asserts that women must be encouraged, welcomed, and acknowledged in science because their ideas are necessary to a more advanced society built on innovation and sustainable design. He introduces his argument by comparing the science … [Continue Reading...]

# I Look Like an Engineer

Over the last couple days we all heard about this accidental "movement for women" in the tech industry, as described by Kathryn Varn in the New York Times and picked up by news outlets nationally (I caught her piece in my local … [Continue Reading...]

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Skillcrush logo


Skillcrush WHAT: Skillcrush's About page includes this friendly statement: "We’re here to demystify technology and help you completely … [Continue Reading...]


Geek Girl Camp Tech Con

Geek Girl Tech Con

Geek Girl Tech Con WHAT: Geek Girl Tech Conferences include speakers and panels, workshops on Photoshop, Mac and Apple basics, business practices, video, mobile devices and apps, social media methods, … [Continue Reading...]