Geek Girl Tech Con

Geek Girl Tech Con

Geek Girl Camp Tech Con

Geek Girl Tech Conferences include speakers and panels, workshops on Photoshop, Mac and Apple basics, business practices, video, mobile devices and apps, social media methods, Instagram, crowdfunding, coding in many languages such as Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Drupal, and WordPress, and much more.

See the list of Geek Girl Technology Conferences for 2015. Ahead are events in Charlotte on October 17, 2015, and Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Tech Con held in 2014 website is still up, as of this posting, and it is a great resource for anticipating the events still to come.

2014 Geek Girl Las Vegas Tech Conference

The San Diego Tech Con held in June of 2015 similarly has a functioning website, and is also a great resource.

2015 Geek Girl San Diego Tech Conference

The Conference link from the menu provides information about the conference goals and target audience. It’s for beginners and advanced people of all ages.

A event listing states the San Diego June 2015 conference was $129 – 169.

The San Diego Union Tribune’s June 29, 2013 article (by Roxana Popescu) regarding that year’s Tech Con was titled Who you calling geek? An excerpt reads: “Along with training sessions on topics ranging from email marketing to Photoshop editing to website coding, attendees got some business-boosting perks like free headshots and the chance to consult with experts one-on-one. During “sharkette tank” sessions, company founders competed for funds and got constructive criticism from venture capitalists.”

Geek Girl was created for the “average wannabe geek girl” in 2006 by Leslie Fishlock, and offers conferences, mixers, workshops, and consulting services.

@GeekGirlCamp’s Twitter statements reads: “To educate/empower every woman/girl at every age, every skill level, at every income level on computer technology w/ fun & provide a legacy by giving back.”

Geek Girl’s LinkedIn professional group statement reads: “Geek Girl empowers women in tech, from beginner newbie to startup savant.”

The GeekGirlCamp Pinterest page is full of helpful links.

Products with the Geek Girl logo, such as knuckle rings, tees, hats, bags, stickers, and hoodies, can be purchased at Squareup.

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