NPR: Toy Industry Influenced Women in Tech

NPR: Toy Industry Influenced Women in Tech

In an October 21, 2014 article posted online on and titled, When Women Stopped Coding, author Steve Henn identifies a period of time in the '80s when personal computers, then mostly toys, were marketed to boys. The article points to a Carnegie Mellon University study that associated young men's increased comfort level using computers with the decline in same-aged women … [Read more...]

What It’s Like to be a Woman in Coding

CODE Movie Debugging the Gender Gap

In an April 22, 2015 article, posted online at The Atlantic, and titled, "When Women Code", author Shirley Li introduces the documentary CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap, and follows with a Q&A with the movie's director, Robin Hauser Reynolds.   FILM SUMMARY:(quotes from the article's author, Shirley Li) "...what code hasn't built, as the tech industry proves again and … [Read more...]

Society Needs More Women in STEM

Why STEM needs more women, The Tech Guys article

In a March 15, 2015 post titled "Why STEM needs more women", Mark Mushiva asserts that women must be encouraged, welcomed, and acknowledged in science because their ideas are necessary to a more advanced society built on innovation and sustainable design. He introduces his argument by comparing the science world's ignorance of its own "gender oversight" to the medical field's … [Read more...]

Software Engineering Needs Women

software engineering needs women

A June, 2015 Seattle Magazine article by Karen West, "Breaking the Code: Women Add New Perspective to Software Engineering" outlines the growth trends for computer occupations, the low percentage of women working in computing jobs, the difficulties women find in the tech industry, and the need and efforts to improve the work environment. The article's subtitle is "Their best … [Read more...]


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Skillcrush WHAT: Skillcrush's About page includes this friendly statement: "We’re here to demystify technology and help you completely transform your career. Even better, we believe that learning digital skills should be entertaining, delightful, and approachable." Skillcrush offers interactive online courses for $399 (as of August, 2015), referred to as Career … [Read more...]