Sisters Code Weekend Website Code Classes

Sisters Code web development class for women

Sisters Code - Detroit WHAT: Sisters Code is a non-profit that offers a project-based class, over two full-day Saturdays, called Weekend Website Warrior, that teaches how to build a website using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. There is also an advanced two-day Saturday class that expands the HTML teaching, and adds CSS Bootstrap and Jquery. The beginner class description … [Read more...]

Geek Girl Tech Con

Geek Girl Camp Tech Con

Geek Girl Tech Con WHAT: Geek Girl Tech Conferences include speakers and panels, workshops on Photoshop, Mac and Apple basics, business practices, video, mobile devices and apps, social media methods, Instagram, crowdfunding, coding in many languages such as Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Drupal, and Wordpress, and much more. WHEN: See the list of Geek Girl Technology … [Read more...]