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We Can Code IT coding bootcamp for women


We Can Code IT’s FAQ page states the bootcamp is: “An on-site, immersive coding experience that leads to a career path in the most in-demand, high paying occupations such as software engineer, web developer, and programmer analyst.” The bootcamps are offered through We Can Code IT, which was founded in 2014, multiple times a year.

A women-only bootcamp is offered as an alternative to the coed bootcamps. “We know that some women feel more comfortable working in an environment that is women only. That’s why we offer our women-only bootcamps as an option.” The first bootcamp for women only was held spring of 2015. (As of Aug. 2015, a second session is not yet on the website’s schedule page.)

We Can Code IT is registered with the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, and bootcamps are held at the organization’s Cleveland locations.

The We Can Code IT organization also offers summer computer camps for kids and programming for teens, some in collaboration with schools or libraries, and computer workshops for company training or other adult groups. From the main webpage: “We Can Code IT diversifies tech. We bridge the gap for those underrepresented in tech, the same groups susceptible to low to moderate incomes, through education…”

Full-time Bootcamp:

We Can Code IT has an Immersive Coding Bootcamp that spans 12 weeks (3 months), held each weekday from 9:30am – 3:00pm. It teaches Full-Stack development, with front-end and back-end skill building. A collaborative and fun atmosphere is emphasized on the website. Resume and job seeking preparation is provided. A Career Day includes students interviewing with potential employers. There is also a full-time Women-Only Coding Bootcamp.

Part-time Bootcamp

The Part Time Coding Bootcamp spans 5 Months, and is held each Saturday & Sunday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. It teaches the same curriculum as the full-time program.

Other Details:

There is an online application link on each webpage. Applicants must be 18 or older, with a high school diploma or GED, and know how to use a computer. The application asks some computing questions and some applicants may be placed in an online pre-bootcamp skills class to prepare for bootcamp. No prior coding knowledge or experience is required.

See the We Can Code IT FAQs for information about what each bootcamp offers, what sets the instruction apart from other bootcamps, application and payment details, and refund and guarantee policies.

The website includes a Coding Bootcamp Blog section which includes video links to describe the programs, recent announcements, programming and web development tips, and profiles of students and employers.



See the events calendar page for prior and upcoming sessions on the Coding Bootcamp Schedule. (The calendar does not currently show bootcamps more than a couple months ahead.)



(Information provided is as of August, 2015) The full-time and part-time bootcamps are $10,000 (scroll down on the FAQs page to see the tuition information).

  • For a $150 fee the tuition can be paid over 3 months, after a $250 deposit.
  • There is also a Pilot Program where participants contract to contribute a percentage of their future IT earnings to We Can Code IT, after a $250 deposit.
  • Additional financial aid is available through an outside vendor.
  • Disabled Armed Forces Veterans and AmeriCorps service applicants may qualify for certain scholarships.
  • We Can Code IT offers an award of $1,000 automatically, as listed on the website, for any woman, African American, Hispanic, Native American, or anyone who earns less than $47,500 USD per year.



    Jasmine Gheith‘s June 1, 2015 post on LinkedIn describes her experience attending We Can Code IT. She said the instructor was “super determined to make sure that we all succeeded in everything that we did” and attending “was the best decision of my life”.

    Chuck Soder‘s August 16, 2015 article on Crain’s Cleveland Business is about We Can Code IT’s inception, mission, and a recent investment from FlashStart. Titled “Bootcamp hopes to diversify tech industry”, the article also includes information about reviews from recent graduates: “Four of the first five graduates — excluding the one who works for We Can Code IT — wrote glowing reviews about the program shortly before they graduated in May.” And, “It’s too early to say whether the company’s graduates will regularly get scooped up by the many businesses in need of developers.”



    A February 2, 2015 article on Cleveland.com by Robert L. Smith details We Can Code IT’s launch and commitment to diversity in the tech industry.

    A May 22, 2015 post on lendlayer includes a very thorough description of the We Can Code IT bootcamp and its inception, and highlights the teaching philosophies and methods and personalities of the founders.

    A June 17, 2015 post on Fresh Water Cleveland, a local emagazine, reports about the March, 2015 launch of We Can Code IT’s first bootcamp at the new LaunchHouse offices.

    An August 18, 2015 post on Flashstarts reports about We Can Code IT’s opening of a second location for its bootcamps at downtown Cleveland’s StartMart, an entrepreneurship hub.



    We Can Code It’s Google Plus page reads, in part: “Our coding bootcamp prepares adults for new careers in the lucrative IT field.”

    We Can Code IT’s Facebook page.

    @WeCanCodeIT’s Twitter statement reads: “Diversity in STEM, focusing on tech & engineering. We teach, motivate, & mentor underrepresented tech populations through coding bootcamps & workshops.”

    We Can Code IT’s LinkedIn company statement reads: “Training and empowering kids and adults in computer programming and IT. A social entrepreneurship, We Can Code IT helps those underrepresented in technology to find new skills and new careers. We offer accelerated training in software engineering and web development to adults then help them find employment with our employment partners.”

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